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So what should you be looking for?

1 Location: Do some research, is it close to your school?

2 Noise: Check if the surrounding is not market like.

3 Security: is it fenced or security adequately provided?

4 Other Guests
What is the scene like? Are the people who are staying with you somewhat similar? Will you get along with them when they are urinating in your shoes at 3 AM?

5 Privacy
Are you sharing a room? Are you sharing a bathroom? Things can get interesting when you get stuck in a room with a sleepwalker, snorer, and a sex crazed people…*wink.

5 Price
Do some price shopping.

6. To get all of these, we decided to create Hostelconnect Nigeria where we tend to all these needs thus making your life easier and smarter. Create an account on Hostelconnect today by visiting

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