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Best Way to Survive Financially as a Student (Stop Betting)


Hello my good people. A lot of you might not know me. My name is JIMOH Ibraheem, a student of University of Ilorin and am a CROWDRISER in Nigeria. Some of you might be wondering what crowdrising is, that what this post is all about, to shine light to the misleading talks you’ve been hearing about this platform. CrowdRising is a peer-to-peer donation platform, that is, members donate to members with zero admin fee or signup fee. Unlike some people who are only interested in collecting your hard-earned money. I won’t be giving the bullocks that you don’t have to do anything before getting paid. But the real truth is that you have to work a little, so this separates this platform from all the PONZI (Earn without working) Schemes you’ve been hearing about.

Unlike platforms like MMM, Giversforum and so on that preaches that you don’t have to work before getting paid, CrowdRising actually needs you to refer just FIVE (5) people and that’s just the work you have to do, amazing, right? All you have to do is just wait for alerts to start coming in. Feeling confused? Don’t worry, I will explain better in the coming section and I will also include a video for you to show to your friends and family, so you don’t have to disturb yourself talking every time just to get them to earn more money.

So, here is how it goes. CrowdRising consist of SIXTEEN (16) STAGES (Including Stage zero). You are to sign up using a referral link for free, you can go through HERE, don’t worry, you can also register without going through a referral and the system automatically generates who you are to pay to after completing your registration. But there is a DOWNSIDE, and the downside is that, take for example the website is full of people from different countries, and different countries means different languages and mostly importantly, different payment options. You on the other hand decides to register without going through a referral, so the system gives you someone in Germany to pay to, now tell me how do you make the payment? No way, even if there is a way, it will be very stressful. So, when you register under a Nigerian, then you will definitely pay to a Nigerian, simple payment options.

So back to the main business. So, once you sign up, you will be required to login you into you newly created account. The dashboard will look somehow similar to this (Image below).


Note that, you might get error messages using the login link immediately after the registration. In that case, use this LINK instead. Now you have a countdown showing on your dashboard. It means you must upgrade from stage 0 to stage 1 to avoid being deleted from the database. Now just click the upgrade button. As a first-time user, it should prompt you to add your Bank details. Please fill this correctly so people won’t have problem paying directly into your bank account. Under the Donation Method, please use something similar to this “Guaranty Trust Bank – Bank Transfer”, Donation number should be your account number i.e. “0123456789” and under Notes use “Please call or WhatsApp me before and after making payment on 08012345678, thank you. “. Now you’ve registered your Bank details. The whole details will be shown on your downlines’ page (your referrals). Click on navigation or the menu above the page to go back to your Dashboard. Now click on the upgrade button again, and you will be taken to your sponsor’s page with the donation form below his name. Credit him the required amount (₦8,000) but make sure you call him before crediting him to let him know you want to make the payment. Once you’ve paid, all that is left now is to fill the donation form below his name with the necessary details (including a screenshot or picture of the payment slip/transfer screen). Call him again, so he/she can login to confirm your payment. Once he/she approves you, congratulations, you’ve just stepped to STAGE 1.

Now you are very excited and want to start referring your friends and family. To get your referral link, just click on Navigation or the menu, then click on referral link and banners. Banners are just image adverts with html code embedded with your referral link for you to post on social media sites or even your website.

Very Important: Please if you are not willing to work (refer just 5 people), don’t bother joining. This all depends on creating a team that’s willing to strive. My team got me here so far. You can zoom my DASHBOARD image above. I have received $940 (N357,000) and still counting. All thanks to my team. I’am also asking you to join the winning team in order to enjoy massive spill-overs. If you are ready to make money, then I say WELCOME TO MY TEAM.

Why did I say, referring just FIVE (5) people is all the work you have to do? Hmmm, the reason is that, after you’ve referred 5 people and you’ve approved all of them after paying you directly into your bank account. They also want to multiply their money, so they also refer 5 people each (That’s 25 people as 2nd tier). Since you’ve earned 40k already, the system will ask you to step up to stage 2 with just 16k (100% optional) (you can walk away). Now you’ve paid and you are now in stage 2, with the potential of collecting 16k form each of the 5 people your immediate downlines referred under them, when they also want to move to stage 2. This goes on and on until you get to stage 15. Now you see that the only work in this is just getting 5 serious people as your downlines and you just continue to make more money with just 8k coming out of your pocket. I believe I have done my best in explaining what this beautiful platform is all about. I will include a very short video at the end of the post to share with family and friends. I know people will start copying this post just for their selfish reasons without giving credit to my work. The only thing you can do, if you believe I have helped you one way or the other is to share this post with your friends and family. Here is the signup LINK again. Just click on “Join Now”. If you have any question regarding this system, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as I get it. Stay Blessed.

JIMOH Ibraheem cares.


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