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HostelConnectNG is an online hostel agency dedicated to helping students, renters, Hostel agents, caretakers, & landlords find and list hostels for FREE.

Launched formally on September 10th, 2016. HostelConnect Nigeria has gradually become the foremost platform for real estate agents and renters in Nigeria. We provide cutting-edge tools with a superb user experience to help in finding hostels nationwide.

We are providing an end-to-end solution for real estate agents. From finding an hostel to rent; connecting students and renters to real estate agents from around Nigeria. We’ve got an ever-evolving platform that makes hostel search a lot easier, far smarter and ever rewarding.

HostelConnect Nigeria is the first of its kind to provide a platform for hostel search and selection process, to be hitch free, inclusive and very easy in Nigeria. Created to cover all the institutions in Nigeria, students now have the option to get any type of befitting accommodation that suits their lifestyle at affordable prices. We have listed, self contain rooms, a room, shared facility flats, en-suits rooms and students looking to share their rooms with other students can also list.

HostelConnect creates a convenient and effective way for student to find and view their choice of hostel before meeting face to face with agents/landlords for payment. This service is accessible 24 hours a day to anyone with internet access across all platforms such as a computer, tablet and mobile devices.

HostelConnect is clearly the first and only student accommodation/property website with lots of users and advertising partners where agents/landlords/students can register and list all their hostels on one platform, and thousands of students all over the country can reach them without breaking a sweat.

For the first time, a student can get to make money from his room when he is not using it, say on weekends, holiday or IT break. These rooms can be given out for a quick cash on a short let. Just upload your room and other interested users will find your listing.

Our mission is to eliminate the stress and hassles of finding hostels in Nigeria, and to make the real estate sector more open and transparent. HostelConnect is the first in Nigeria to have an hostel mobile application built for IOS and Android devices.

Our team is composed of energetic young minds with deep interests in technology and real estate.

Here are the few things that make us stand out from crowd.

  • Hostelconnect is a registered company with the C.A.C with Reg No: RC1341199
  • Our robust platform currently receives an average of 6,600 unique visitors every day.
  • Hostelconnect doesn’t charge commission after receiving payment from renters.
  • The best thing that your listing never expires on our platform.
  • With Hostelconnect, agents don’t have to worry about students not resuming on time or expending money on creating TO LET banners and posters everywhere. Renters will find you on our platform. The only reason they won’t find you is if you don’t list your property.
  • Hostelconnect delivers messages from renters right into your mail box in real time.

HostelConnect is an online hostel agency dedicated to helping students, renters, Hostel agents, caretakers, & landlords find and list hostels for FREE.