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Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about finding, renting, and listing Hostels on Hostelconnect Nigeria.

Question about listing

I have lots of listings or don’t know how to list an hostel; can you help with data entry?

For agents who don’t have internet access or are not computer savvy, we help with uploading your hostels for free, depending on the number of listings.

For more information contact us (

Do you collect commission?

No, we don’t! HostelConnect does not share in your hard-earned commission when you close sales or lease out any of your hostels through our platform. Neither do we charge our users or visitors for your listing(s).

When will my listings expire on HostelConnect?

Each Hostel you submit is valid for life and does not expire.

Why Should I join HostelConnect?

Our Platform currently receives about 200,000 visitors monthly, that’s an average of 6,600 users every day and still counting. This is the first of its kind, an ONLINE HOSTEL AGENCY. You definitely have nothing to LOSE and everything to GAIN.

Question about renting

Is your website free to use?

Yes, it is. we won’t charge you to use our platform, as we created this to ease you of the stress of walking in hot sun or wasting tfare just to get an accommodation.

The prices, did you add anything?

No. We created this platform to make your life very easy. This is also done by not adding any money to the rent price. And also, we don’t collect commission from the agent. So the price you find here is the price you’ll find outside.

Can I make payment online?

No. We disabled this feature to reduce scam rate. Please meet with the agent before making payment.